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Attention Personal Support Worker’s, we have a secure electronic way to submit your Service Logs. Click the link below for a tutorial on how this works.

Creative Supports Inc.  SafeSend How To Video

Submission link for both PSW Timesheets and progress notes

  • Fill out all information – your email address which you must be able to check at the time of timesheet submission, and subject line. We recommend writing “Timesheet Submission” in the subject line.
  • Next you can either “drag and drop” your timesheet/mileage log, or if this function is unfamiliar to you, click the section that says upload file.
  • Find the saved PDF you have stored on your device and select it for upload.
  • Once all these steps are complete, you will press “Send File(s)” and will be asked to provide a code to verify your submission.
  • The code will be sent to the email you provided, once you have entered the code provided to you via email the electronic timesheet submission will be sent to Creative Supports Inc.

*Enroll as a PSW packet

  • PSW Information Packet English  (read PSW Information Packet before completing the Application Packet.)
  • PSW Application Packet- English
  • PSW Information Packet Spanish( read PSW Information Packet before completing the Application Packet.)
  • PSW Application Packet -Spanish

*PSW transfer packet

  • PSW Transfer Packet English
  • PSW Transfer Packet Spanish

Background Check and Provider number renewal forms

  • Provider Enrollment Agreement (PEAA)- English Spanish
  • Background Check Form (new & renewal) English Spanish

PSW Information

Incident Report

PSW Resources


Q: How do I become a Personal Support Worker (PSW)?

A: If you want to become a PSW that supports people that experience Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities and receive services from Creative Supports Inc. , the first step is to read through the PSW Information Packet to ensure that you understand the job duties and requirements. Once you have read through this packet, and feel that you meet the job requirements, you will print out and complete the PSW Application Packet and submit forms to the appropriate entities. You will need to have an approved Criminal History Check, be issued an SPD Provider ID number from ODDS, and be connected with the state’s billing system, Public Partnerships, LLC. before working as a PSW.

All new PSW’s are required to attend an orientation and training prior to working. Please contact Carewell for more details.

Q: What if I am already registered through ODDS as a PSW, and I want to work for a person at Creative Supports Inc.?

A: Because PSWs can work with individuals across the state of Oregon, you many have already been issued an SPD Provider ID number from ODDS. Creative Supports Inc will still need you to complete a PSW Transfer Packet. This will allow our office to be able to confirm your Criminal History Check approval and your approved to work status and allow us in assisting you with ensuring you are connected and properly set up with Public Partnerships, LLC.

Q: How do I become an Employment Professional (Job Coach)?

A: PSW-Job-Coach-Fact-Sheet.pdf   

Q:  Where can I find information for PSW’s?

A.  psw-resources.aspx,   

Q: How do I enter my  time into eXPRS?

Q: What if my contact information changes?

A: You will need to ensure that your contact information is up to date with our office, with eXPRS/ODDS, and with Public Partnerships, LLC. There are two forms that need to be submitted so that your contact information is updated, listed below.

  • DHS/ODDS Change of Information submit to ODDS.
  • CSI. Contact form English Spanish turn into CSI office.

Q: What constitutes a completed time sheet?

A: Click here for Timesheet Requirements English Spanish

Q:  Can I submit more than one timesheet at a time?

A:  Yes, you would need to write at least one progress note for each time sheet, in addition to one progress note for every month of service.

Q. If I forget to do a progress note on one time sheet, but I did them on previous ones, will I still be paid?

A:  Each time sheet needs a progress note. If a time sheet does not include a progress note, it is not considered to be properly completed and will be returned for completion.

Q. What if the supports I provide are the same every day of the year? Do I need to write a progress note with each time sheet? Can it say the exact same thing each time?

A: The progress note should include a summary of the types of support you provided to the individual during that time period, and the individuals’ progress towards their goal. One progress note must be included for every month of service being recorded. It is perfectly fine to re-list the same supports every month if those supports were provided in the month, you are claiming services for. Writing a progress note that only indicates supports provided to one specific event during that time period is not sufficient in Medicaid standards.

Here is a guide for writing progress notes.

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