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Secure Submit Service Logs

Attention Personal Support Worker’s, we have a secure electronic way to submit your Service Logs. Click the link below for a tutorial on how this works.

Submission link for both PSW Timesheets and progress notes

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  • Fill out all information – your email address which you must be able to check at the time of timesheet submission, and subject line. We recommend writing “Timesheet Submission” in the subject line.
  • Next you can either “drag and drop” your timesheet/mileage log, or if this function is unfamiliar to you, click the section that says upload file.
  • Find the saved PDF you have stored on your device and select it for upload.
  • Once all these steps are complete, you will press “Send File(s)” and will be asked to provide a code to verify your submission.
  • The code will be sent to the email you provided, once you have entered the code provided to you via email the electronic timesheet submission will be sent to Creative Supports Inc.

Background Check & Renewal Forms / Verificación de Antecedentes y Formularios de Renovación

PSW Information / Información PSW

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