About Us

Creative Supports, Inc. is a Support Service Brokerage located in Southern Oregon.  We currently support up to 607 individuals who experience intellectual/developmental disabilities and live in Jackson or Josephine County.

Based on the principles of self-determination and the practice of person centered planning, this brokerage will:

  • Assist individuals to determine their needs, plan supports in response to those needs, and develop budgets based on available resource;
  • Assist individuals to find and arrange the resources necessary to implement planned support services;
  • Assist individuals to find and arrange the resources necessary to implement planned support services;
  • Provide information, education and technical assistance for the individuals to facilitate effective plan implementation;
  • Act as a general fiscal intermediary in the receipt and accounting of certain funds on behalf of an individual in addition to making payments with the authorization of the individual, and accounting for certain plan costs;
  • Act as an employer agent in assisting individuals in fulfilling their roles and obligations as employers of support staff when plans call for such arrangements;
  • Facilitate development and expansion of community resources; and
  • Assure and assist individuals with developmental disabilities in monitoring the quality of their services.


SELF-DETERMINATION Self-determination is a fundamental human right.  It means people have the freedom to decide how they want to live their lives and receive the support they need.  It means having control over their decision and actions. OPERATING PRINCIPLES Understanding of and commitment to the… [read more]

Staff Directory

Barbara Hedrick, Executive Director (541) 864-1673 ext. 102 bhedrick@creativesupports.org Elliott Hyden, COO (541) 864-1673 ext. 119 bookkeeper@creativesupports.org Kris Frentzen, Lead Personal Agent (541) 864-1673 ext. 103 kfrentzen@creativesupports.org Michelle Hood-Denman, Lead Personal Agent (541) 864-1673 ext. 109 mdenman@creativesupports.org Shelly Noon, Lead… [read more]


The mission of Creative Supports, Inc. is to assist adult persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families create and direct their own services in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Board of Directors

Creative Supports, Inc. is honored to have a Board of Directors that supports us in our Mission Statement.