Resources for PSW’s

Dear personal support worker,

If you would like to receive ongoing text reminders of when eXPRS timesheets are due, text PSWpay to 787753.
If you’re having trouble accessing eXPRS, there are many resources and troubleshooting guides available at If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can contact PSW user support at (844) 874-2788 or email


Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities (ODDS)


Link to PSW tool page

Home Care Commission site

Personal Support Workers Resources


CLICK HERE FOR THE PSW Training Video TO LEARN HOW TO ENTER YOUR OWN TIMESHEETS INTO eXPRS. You can also reference this quick 6 STEP GUIDE for further information.

Additional Resources related to eXPRS POC:

How to Create and Submit Service Delivered Entries

Cómo crear y Enviar Servicio entradas / entrega como un Trabajador Personal de Apoyo

eXPRS Login Instructions

eXPRS Enrollment Instructions