What is the K Plan?

The K Plan is a new Medicaid state plan option authorized under the Affordable Care Act.

You can find more information about the K Plan by visiting the K Plan homepage or the DHS news release page.

How does one enroll?

Access to Brokerage Support Services

Access is through local County Developmental Disability Programs. Service Coordinators in these programs determine eligibility for support services and make referrals to the agencies that help develop and monitor the actual support services provided.

Questions about obtaining support services can be directed to the appropriate Community Developmental Disability Program (CDDP).

What is a brokerage?


The brokerages are places where qualified individuals can utilize their support funds with the assistance of a Personal Agent. The funds are limited to specific standards set by Medicaid and can only be used for those set purposes. The Personal Agent will help the customer to understand those limitations and connect to any resources that may be available in the community. More information regarding the function and purpose of the brokerages can be found at the states website by clicking Here.



What is a PA?

A Personal Agent, or PA, is the main contact for customers at the Brokerage.  Their job is to work with individuals to identify what supports they need and will assist in finding a way to meet these needs. In order to do this, they will work with the customer and any key people in the customer’s life to develop a Individual Support Plan, or ISP.  The customer decides the best way to spend their money and who will be supporting them to reach these goals.  The PA will help their customers find providers and agencies to interview, connect with community resources, offer advice about effective ways to spend plan dollars, and stride to insure that they are satisfied with the people they hire, and any other supports they purchase.

Where do the support funds come from?

Federal Funding of Brokerage Support Services

The support services offered at Creative Supports Inc are provided under a federal Medicaid waiver as an alternative to placement in an institution or Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities. You can read more about it by clicking Here.

What kinds of supports can be purchased?

What are Support Services?

The supports that are Medicaid eligible are determined by the state of Oregon. If you have been qualified and enrolled in brokerage services, your plan that you develop with your Personal Agent may include the following services:

 *Chore Services

*Community Inclusion Supports

*Community Living Supports

*Environmental Accessibility Adaptations

*Family Training

*Homemaker Services

*Non-Medical Transportation

*Occupational Therapy Services

*Personal Emergency Response Services

*Physical Therapy Services

*Respite Care

*Special Diets

*Specialized Medical Equipment & Supplies

*Specialized Supports

*Speech & Language Therapy Services

*Supported Employment


Where can I find more information?

Further information regarding the qualified Medicaid Supports can be found here.