Expenditure Guidelines

The Expenditure Guidelines is a tool used by Personal Agent’s to ensure supports meet a very specific criteria.

In order to be considered an allowable expenditure, supports must meet the following ten requirements.

Supports must be:

  1. DIRECTLY related to a specific goal on an individual’s ISP AND
  2. REQUIRED to maintain or increase:
    1. independence and/or
    2. community participation and/or
    3. productivity/employment; AND
  3. REQUIRED solely because of the effects of an developmental disability; AND
  4. DOES NOT replace existing support system and resources; AND
  5. DOES NOT replace other government benefits like OVRS, Dept. of Ed., OHP, Section 8; AND
  6. DOES NOT provide for basic needs of food, shelter, clothing; AND
  7. COST-EFFECTIVE use of public resources; AND
  8. NEVER a direct payment to a beneficiary; AND
  9. NEVER for activities that are purely diversion oriented; AND
  10. NEVER for services delivered outside of the U.S. or its territories.