Provider Questions

Q: How do I become a Personal Support Worker (PSW)?

A: If you want to become a provider that supports I/DD individuals who receive services from the brokerage, the first step is to read through the PSW Information Packet to ensure that you understand the job duties and requirements. This is informational packet is also located at our Medford and Grants Pass Offices. Once you have read through this packet, and feel that you meet the job requirements, you will print out and complete the PSW Application Packet, and submit forms the the appropriate entities. You will need to have an approved Criminal History Check, be issued a SPD Provider ID number from ODDS, and be connected with the state’s billing system, Public Partnerships, LLC. before working as a PSW.

All new PSW’s must attend an orientation, and will need to contact the Oregon Home Care Commission for how to register for the training.

Both the Information Packet and the Application Packet are located on the Provider Forms page.

Q: How do I become an Employment Professional (Job Coach)?

A: In order to become an Employment Professional, one must undergo specific training from the State within 60 days of being hired. See below for further Instructions.

Q: When will I get paid?

A: If your time sheet is submitted by the 1st of the month and needs no additional corrections, you can expect to be paid in approximately two weeks. Take a look at theODDS State Payroll Calendar titled, “OR ODDS External CLE-PSW Payroll Schedule_2018” for specifics. If you would like to receive ongoing text reminders of when eXPRS time sheets are due, text PSWpay to 787753.

Q: How do I enter my own time sheets into eXPRS?

A: eXPRS has provided several guides to instruct PSWs on how to do this:

Q: How many customers can I serve at one time?

A: Typically, any time you are providing paid supports to a customer it must be 1:1, per Medicaid standards. If you are providing supports to more than one customer at the same time then you must indicate that it is in a group setting. If you are providing group supports, your rate will be pro-rated by the number of customers in the group.  (Meaning that you will receive the same hourly wage regardless of how many individuals you are with at any one time). 1:1= $14.65, 1:2 = $7.25 and so on.

Q: What are my Resources?

A: Link to PSW tool page, Home Care Commission site Personal Support Workers Resources

Q: What constitutes a completed time sheet?

A: Click here for Timesheet Requirements

Q:  If I submit 4 time sheets at one time, how many progress notes do I need to write?

A:  You would need to write at least one progress note for each time sheet, in addition to one progress note for every month of service.

Q. If I forget to do a progress note on one time sheet, but I did them on previous ones, will I still be paid?

A:  A properly completed time sheet must include a progress note as of July 1, 2016. If a time sheet does not include a progress note, it is not considered to be properly completed and will be returned.

Q. What if the supports I provide are exactly the same every day of the year?Do I need to write a progress note with each time sheet? Can it say the exact same thing each time?

A: The progress note should indicate the type of support you have provided and the individuals’ progress towards their goal. One progress note must be included for every month of service being recorded. It is perfectly fine to re-list the same supports every month as long as those supports were actually provided in the month you are claiming services for.

Here is a guide for writing progress notes.